Golden days happen on the best beaches of the Gold Coast

When you think of the Gold Coast, it would not be strange if you conjured up images of sheer stretches of long, long golden sands that go on forever; after all, Australia is noted for its unique and magnificent beach line. But when you really get to know the beaches of the Gold Coast, you will discover just how different and unique they can be; some are small, some are intimate, some are large, but they are all so beautiful that you would find it difficult to pick even the top 10 to go to. All have something highly pleasurable about them, whether it’s their relaxing coffee shops along the waterways, mysterious lighthouses, or dolphins frolicking in the jungle creeks or the sparkling blue ocean. You only have to stand back and glory in the beauty and wonder around you. Of course, most people have their favorites, but here are some of the real favorites that are to be found on the Gold Coast.

Nobby Beach

Nobby Beach is a much-loved beach – why? Well, it boasts sun-bronzed lifesavers around the clock, nice little bars to relax, and great eating joints. When you dream of holidays by the sea, Nobby Beach is where the holiday fun and freedom happen, where memories are made. Nobby Beach especially caters for families by offering safe, secure and fun places for all to enjoy. Close by are theme parks, shops, heated pools, a huge waterslide and just so much more. It gets full marks for pure family fun.

Currumbin Creek

Even though it’s called Currumbin Creek, believe you me, this beach is no creek. At the mouth of the Currumbin Creek where tides come in and out from the magnificent Pacific Ocean, you will find dolphin pods that never cease to delight.  At this beach, you will find a surfing museum or you can enjoy nature to its fullest at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. It is literally postcard picture perfect and in 2013 was voted the cleanest beach in Queensland. Awesome! From Currumbin Creek Beach to Kirra, in-between you will find magical beaches, one will end and a new beach will start; with names such as Tugun, Bilinga, and Coolangatta – its sheer beauty.

Rainbow Bay

This is a real favorite place for Aussies and visitors alike. This sought after beach is near Coolangatta, which is the most southerly town in Queensland. It’s just all about peace, relaxation, and plenty of sunshine – one of Australia favorite playgrounds, and access to Fraser Island by barge. People love it because they consider it a great place to just chill out with friends and family or explore all the outdoor activities to participate in.

Surfer’s Paradise Beach

This is the beach that made the Gold Coast beaches so famous, that put the Gold Coast on the map so to speak, even with the mega high rise buildings in the background. The views from this beach just draw in the crowds and rank it as a hot favorite on the Gold Coast. If you’re not on the beach, you are biking, skateboarding, rollerblading or exercising at the outdoor gym. With plenty of parking; it’s the place to really have fun in the sun.

No matter whether you want to relax, explore nature, do some deep sea fishing, go on a scenic tour or look for adventure, the Gold Coast has some of the best beaches in the world – they deliver exactly what people want. The best days are beach days, that’s for sure!