Top 10 Best Beaches to Stay and Play


An Awesome collection of what everyone else thinks are the best beaches to discover in Australia.

On our investigation of what other people are saying and recommending as the top 10 beaches in Australia to holiday. We found that Stayz also includes accommodation suggestions along with their amazing collage of images of what they consider to be the best 10 beaches in Australia. We have not been to all the beaches they have recommended however we can see a cross over of a few similar ones that we and Alex the Seal loved too!! Then they must be great!

We look forward to adding some of these spectacular beaches to our list of where to go to for next year.

Below are what some other people are saying are there top 10 beaches in Australia. So many beautiful beaches to explore, are you confused where to adventure to next, I know we are. 🙂

Sunset travellers – chasing the perfect sunset have an awesome list

Backpackeradvice has compiled an extensive list for all your travellers from overseas, so hard was it to narrow them down to a top 10 they have provided a top 20 best beaches list for you to investigate and decide where you next expedition down under will be. We are happy to report we have travelled to 13 out of the 20 they recommend and think they have done an outstanding job in letting you guys know where you should be visiting around Australia. So much beauty to see. The number one best beach, Beaches of Cape Le Grand National Park, WA looks like heaven. I cannot wait for our next trip to WA to take our own pictures and create our own memories there. Well done Backpackeradvice and thankyou for educating us locals.

Keeping on the travelling band wagon, our next referrals for the 10 best beaches in Australia comes from Traveller Autobarn Blog, oh my goodness WA has some of the most phenomenal beaches in the world not just Australia. We have learned that there is a Cable Beach and a Coral Bay that requires our investigation, imagine the Sunsets you would get at these locations. Enjoy examining these locations and good luck decided where to travel to next! You rock.

Top 10 Most Stunning Beaches in Australia

We do not have pinterest however you our valued reader might so we have included for you spesh peeps a link to some spectacular pictures for you to enjoy and help plan your next trip to a beautiful beach location.

Australian Beaches Facts

Finally and bringing in the last link for you is the Australian Government, so many times these websites are compiled with the total purpose of assisting travellers from overseas and introducing them to our ‘Australia’. The link below not only provides information on the definition of a beach, oh yes it does 🙂 it also has fun facts like there are 10,685 beaches in Australia. (We did not know that!) If you scroll down to the bottom past the fun facts about Australia, its people and what is a beach you will discover official links to guide you some of our truly wonderful beaches in Australia. Information like where to surf in Australia, guides on what to do and places to see once you are at these beach side locations, information on Arts and of course our MUST SEE coastline like the 12 Apostles (we know there are no longer 12 there, actually were there ever 12 to start with? ) Anyway just messing with you for reading this far…or are we. Enjoy investigating the Australian Government website link below it is definitely worth surfing. Have a look at our Australian Story below.

Happy Surfing from Alex the Seal and us. xx