Australias Top 10 Beaches

This is our personal selection of the top 10 best beaches in Australia that we have personally visited.

As we have not travelled to every beach in Australia we are listing our favourite 10 beaches at the moment. As we get to explore the coast line this will change and evolve as the beautiful seascapes of different beaches at different times of the days impress us with the everchanging landscape mood and beauty. These are the beaches to just sit or lay down swim and walk. These are not the best surf beach or the most amazing beaches to explore. They are great lazy days cool off and laze again or enjoy a drink at a lcal surf club or hotel and people watch, wave gaze and enjoy life.


  1. Noosa Beach – QLD
  2. Angourie – Northern NSW
  3. Manly Beach – Sydney NSW
  4. Hamelin Bay – WA
  5. Cottesloe -WA
  6. Byron Bay- Little Wategoes- NSW
  7. Sunshine Beach – QLD
  8. Coolangatta – QLD
  9. Whitehaven Beach – QLD
  10. Great Ocean Road- VIC

Fun Fact: The number of beaches in Australia ! There are 10685 beaches are in Australia (incredible)

Still to explore are beaches we have heard about in Northern WA like Cable Beach Broome and Exmouth WA. It has been a long time since I have been to SA and we do not have any pics of these beaches yet. Travelling along the Great Ocean Road is one of the most beautiful scenic areas of Australia that I have been to and it has to be included as a not to be missed if travelling from overseas to Australia it is an amazing beach to look at, home to the 12 Apostles and a great road trip on a tour or hiring a car and driving it yourself it deserves its own entire page however the many time we have traverse there it has been cold and or windy and not a place to sunbathe or surf.




Sunshine Beach

If there are beaches that you think we should go and explore and take pictures and  add to our website send us an email via our contact page or message us on Facebook. We welcome every opportunity we get to explore a new wonderful part of Australia that hosts one of Australias Best Beaches.