Best Beaches In Sydney

Be one of the beautiful people on some of the Best Beaches to visit in Sydney, Australia

Australia is a beautiful country, period. It boasts a huge variety of diverse landscapes; snow-capped peaks, ancient rock formations, awesome mountain peaks, islands, rainforests and of course beaches! Australia literally is noted for its beaches and some of them are pretty famous because of their beauty and high quality. Let’s look at some of these top beaches so you don’t miss out when you are visiting this magnificent country:

Ok, so we all know Bondi!

Famous Bondi Beach – ask just about anyone to name a beach in Australia and Bondi will probably come up! But it’s obvious, it has magnificent surroundings, the atmosphere is electric and it has a famous history and if you love just watching people. Home to the world’s first lifesaving club, over 100 years old. Bondi has paved the way too, for the bikini bathing suit to be the most common beach-going attire around today! Very, very popular is Bondi and a must-see!

Bronte Beach

Surrounded by beautiful headlands and spots that just make you want to pack your picnic equipment, Bronte Beach surely ranks as one of the prettiest and accessible beaches around the city of Sydney. If you enjoy a 45-minute healthy walk over from Bondi Beach, you probably wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation just to dive into the waters of this unpretentious beach; to linger and take it all in. Buy something to eat while you view the beauty from the plenty little eating places around.

Manly Beach

Manly Beach is one very notable and popular tourist beach. There are long stretches of sand to amble along and at Manley Wharf you will read this sign “Five miles from the city, a million miles from care.” That about sums up Manly Beach, with sights of young and hip, sun-kissed bodies on the beach, catching the surf and waves.  You can understand why it is such a; ‘people-watch’ beach.

Tamarama Beach

South of the famous Bondi beach, you will find Tamarama Beach, another eye-catcher beach where the locals, traditionally the gay and the modeling community love to frolic and frequent. This crowd, with their toned and bronzed bodies, adorn the beaches – it’s so popular you will find it hard to find parking! It’s also because it is such an intimate, small beach – count yourself lucky if you find parking near this exclusive site! It’s also a dangerous beach too, as two rips come in from each side of this bay, making it a fantastic place for the surfer but tough if you don’t swim well.

Don’t forget your best friend

Of course, there are dog lovers out there who want to share the beautiful beaches of Sydney with their best friend, so we have to mention just one of the few beaches that ‘allow’ dogs:

Greenhills Beach – Cronulla

Even though your pet is only allowed on this beach at particular times, they can avail themselves of running freely before 10 in the morning and after 4 in the afternoon every day.  Some parts of the beach require access via the Wanda Reserve, but then your ‘friend’ must be on a leash. This beach has no facilities for beach users so dogs and their owners can thoroughly enjoy themselves!


Other top-rated beaches around Sydney
  • Nielsen Park Beach
  • Balmoral
  • ‘Shelly Beach
  • Milk Beach
  • Bilgola Beach
  • Camp Cove
  • Clovelly


Enjoy them, because life’s a beach!

How many beaches are there in Sydney: There are over 100 beaches in Sydney

Deciding which are the best beaches in and around Sydney is a difficult task as each beach brings a different identity to Sydney. We have compiled a collection of the beaches that not only are special to us but of course iconic locations that brings thousands of travellers from around the world to soak in the sunshine, snorkel around the rocks, play volley ball or beach paddle ( Frescobol).

Don’t take our word that Sydney has great beaches, have a read of this wonderful article by Madeleine Watts and enjoy her amazing pictures of her top 10 best beaches in Sydney.