Keep calm and go to some of the best beaches to visit in Australia

When one thinks of Australia, one cannot escape the beaches – it’s that’s simple – Australia does boast the best beaches in the world! Even though they are exquisite in winter as well, summer on an Australia beach conjures up delightful smells, salt water, green palms, azure waters, and golden sands. Australia boasts around 50,000 kilometers of beach line. And it has heaps of beaches. People always ask – if you just HAD to list the top beaches not to miss whilst in Australia, which ones would they be? Well here are just some examples:

  1. Cottesloe Beach, Perth, Western Australia
    If you are looking one of the best places to swim as well as to watch an awe-inspiring sunset, this is the place to be. In fact, the town of Cottesloe is famed for the relaxing lifestyle if offers, the gorgeous little cafes and pubs. You can’t miss this one!
  1. Coolangatta Beach, Gold Coast, Queensland
    This is a very special beach because it is loaded with plenty of exciting activities to keep everyone loving it – enjoy surfing, skateboarding, cycling, jogging – all from immaculately kept sidewalks and lawns. You can participate in yoga or join up with a tai chi class all along the beachside parks. Much loved.
  1. Wategos Beach, Byron Bay, NSW
    Lots of people will flock to the very well-known Main Beach at Byron Bay which is next door to Wategos Beach, but Wategos has something special in that it has clear, calming beautiful waters with magnificent swimming places. The rich and famous seem to be drawn to this magnificent beach, so don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled!
  1. Mooloolaba Beach, Sunshine Coast, Queensland
    The town as well as the beach is a great favorite among the people; there are wonderful swimming opportunities, restaurants, parks, and playgrounds. This beach boasts of the best promenade walks along the beach that you could ever imagine.
  1. Yallingup Beach, Margaret River, Western Australia
    You will find this beautiful beach a couple of hours drive away from Perth. It’s in the area of the renowned wine region of the Margaret River. It’s nothing short of stunning with a safe, sheltered lagoon, soothing and calm waters. The town itself has a real holiday vibe.
  1. Bronte Beach, Sydney
    Bronte Beach is a beach that will always come out tops when talking about the beaches you have to visit and see for yourself. It ranks as a favorite amongst its own Australian inhabitants as well as visitors from all across the world. Why so? It’s just simply beautiful, situated in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. People just always pull in at Bronte, and then take a walk over to the famous Bondi Beach as well. Look out for gorgeous little rock pools for the kids, plenty of grass to play and enjoy the summer skies while you BBQ.
  2. Seal Rocks, New South Wales
    From Sydney to Brisbane, it is highly suggested that you stop over at Seal Rocks. Here you will find a quaint little fishing village which offers visitors wonderful swimming, boating, snorkeling and fishing opportunities. It’s just ideal, and a lot quieter than many of the other eastern coast beaches. If you love camping, Seal Rocks is also the ideal place to be.

It’s really not easy to list top beaches of Australia, there are plenty to offer the visitor. All the beaches of Australia offer magical times, adventure, pleasure, excitement and sheer beauty. The list goes on ….. Enjoy the ones mentioned above because “good vibes happen on the tides”.